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Top 10 Christmas Movies

Who doesn’t love a good old Christmas movie, they are so cheesy and heartwarming. These movies are great to watch by yourself or even with the whole family.
I love to just lay in bed or on the couch and just wear comfy clothes and grab some popcorn and chill out.
These are my favourite Christmas Movies.

* I’ve included links or where to watch/buy them, these links are not affiliated with my blog, I just thought they would be useful.

Also, I say top 10, but I guess tecnilly there are 13 movies on the list.

  • Home ALone 1 and 2
  • Elf
  • Santa Clause 1, 2, and 3
  • Last Christmas
  • The Princess Switch
  • Christmas With The Kranks
  • Holidate
  • How The Grinch Stole Christmas
  • A Christmas Prince
  • Love Actually
  • What are some of your favourite Christmas Movies? Comment down below.