I’ve paid for this, I might as well use it.

I’ve owned this domain since 2016, moved servers in 2019. I pay money for this domain and yet and I don’t use it to my advantage. I’ve been going back and forth on whether this domain is right for me I’ve been thinking of closing this site and opening a new one, but if I do, does make me motivated to post content? I want to post content, write blog posts. I’ve had blogs for over 10 years and I haven’t done anything with them and I hate that. I hate that I have a little anxiety and that I’m shy. It’s something on my bucket list that I want to achieve, but being in lockdown hasn’t helped that situation so I feel like I am in a pickle, I feel like that I am running around in circles.

For the past week I’ve been planning and researching about various blog posts and ideas, but actually sitting down and writing them now that’s the challenge or just sitting down and filming a youtube video that’s another challenge, filming and editing youtube videos are fun I still feel that I need to learn more about it but the uploading and seeing people liking and disliking the video and writing hate comments.

I can do better, I know I can do better.


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