I’ve spent the last few hours, well most of the day If I’m being honest not knowing what to write about. Writing 30 blogs in 30 days is a lot harder than I thought, even when planning everything. I made a list on google docs on what I wanted to write about. Doing research, made dot points, figured out on what posts get posted on what day but today I have writer’s block. I guess I didn’t know what I wanted to post after I posted my first official video on YouTube click here
to check it out.
Don’t mind me while I plug my latest YouTube video.

To all the writers out there, how do you overcome writer’s block? I’ve looked online to see what you can do to overcome writer’s block.

What I’ve done to try and overcome Writer’s Block

  • I’ve gone for a walk.
  • Eliminate distractions (no TV in the background)
  • I’ve moved to different rooms in the house
  • Listen to music
  • Brainstorm ideas in bullet points.
  • Read some inspiring quotes
  • After all that nothing maybe today wasn’t my day to post, but I didn’t want to disappoint, I am halfway through the 30 blogs in 30 days, are you enjoying the posts so far? I did a little poll on my Instagram and a few people suggested for me to do some posts and videos about cooking, but I can’t cook haha (I guess I do a tutorial on how to cook toast?) but maybe I should learn how-to for the blog?


    Do you have any suggestions for me? Any videos or blog posts you want to see?
    Be sure to comment below or you can send me a direct message on Instagram or even email me, all links are on the sidebar.
    Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully I am more creative tomorrow.