How to

How to be or organised

The more you have, the more you are occupied, the less you give. But the less you have, the more free you are. ~ Mother Teresa

Being organised with my life and time has always been a challenge, I’ll tell you. While in High School, I had routine, I was very organised but since finishing school having that routine just went out the window.
Last few months, I decided to take blogging more seriously I thought I needed to get my shit together and get organise and be in a routine.

Without further ado, here my tips to be organised.

1. Build a Routine
It makes life much easier. Trust Me.
Having a routine makes me feel like my life it’s in order. Even when life is crazy.
Keep in mind that it doesn’t mean that I can’t change my plans, but having a general idea of what I’ll do every day takes away a lot of anxiety.
I do usually like to change my routines every now and then just so I don’t get bored of doing the same thing over and over again.

2. Plan your week in advance
Every Sunday I spend some time planning for the week ahead.
What I usually do is I’ll write down the days I am working at my main job then I’ll decide what days to film and edit on my days off and what blog posts to write and what day they go up.

I try to be as balanced as possible, making sure that my day is not too full and I have some time to rest and have fun and just be lazy sometimes.
In order to reach your goals, be sure to get plenty of rest If you don’t get enough rest you won’t have the energy to do everything you planned.
Don’t forget to spend time with friends and family.

I do use a notebook planner, I also like planning on my white board

3. Make Lists
Creating different lists is an amazing way to be organised.
Here are some examples of lists I use, but you can create many more of them:
Budget plan
To-do list
Grocery list

4. Clean and Declutter
Keeping your surroundings in order is a good way to keep our mind clear and in order.
I can’t focus when there is a mess, I like things clean and simple.
Sometimes cleaning can be very overwhelming – start off with a check list or start in sections so that way it’s not so crazy and you can deal with it a little easier
That’s why I love a good declutter. I’m trying to be a little more minimalistic and only buy things I truly need and use. (Doesn’t always work, but I’m trying every day)
It feels good when I get rid of useless things and I donate them to my local charity or sell them online.
What is not useful for me could be incredibly useful for someone else after all.

What are your favorite tips to stay organised? Let me know in the comments.