How awesome is it to get free stuff, especially on your birthday??
So yesterday (17th December) was my Birthday *sings happy birthday* and I went to the city to see what free stuff I can get. I had plan to do a vlog on it but like always I forgot.

I did manage to find some free drinks/meals and some great discounts, but if you want to score yourself some free stuff for your birthday I’d advice you to sign up to loyalty programs a few months before your birthday.
Here’s a list of stores in Melbourne that will give you free food or drinks on your big day. If you don’t live in Melbourne, Australia some of these freebies won’t apply, so be sure to check out your local area.

Ali Baba – Enjoy a kebab! (as far as I’m aware this is only valid in QLD NSW and VIC)

Baskin Robbins – One free scoop

Boost Get A Free Drink (any size)

Cold Rock – Free ice cream voucher

Gloria Jeans – free drink.

Hungry Jacks – Free Whooper (order through the app)

Jamaica Blue – Slice of cake

Mrs Fields – Free cookie

Muffin Break – A free muffin

Nandos – Meal on your birthday!

Oporto – Free Meal

Red Rooster – A free meal on your birthday

Salsa’s – Free burrito.

San Churro – Delicious churros for your big day!

Spudbar – Free spud for you (through the app)

Starbucks – A free birthday drink.

Subway – Free lunch on your birthday.

Sumo Salad – Free salad on your birthday.

None of the companies mentioned in this post have asked/nor paid me to mention them this list is purely for your benefit.

If I have missed any please them in the comments below.