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6 Frugal Ways To Save You Money This Christmas

2020 has been such a tough and stressful year for everyone.

I thought I’d put together some tips on how you can save yourself some money this Christmas. Some might seem a little simple or “cheap”, but just remember that sometimes it’s more special to give a gift that has a lot of love and thought put behind it.

Set A Budget

There’s a reason why they call the end of the year “The Silly Season” It can be overwhelming seeing all the Christmas decorations and the shopping centers and hearing Christmas Carols in early November. I feel like people just go insane at Christmas and don’t even think or look at how much they’re spending. They see something in-store and think oh I have to have this then next thing you realise you’ve spent so much money.
Set a budget for your gifts plus food or other Christmas related items be sure to stick to it.

Homemade Christmas Cards

There’s something sweet and special about receiving hand made gifs, I got a handmade birthday card from one of my nephews a few years ago that I still cherish I know I would rather receive a handwritten card then some generic store-bought card. This is where you can get fun and creative, put on some silly Christmas shirts and take some photos and print them out, whoever gets these cards will definitely have a smile on their face.

Don’t Buy For Everyone

There’s just so much pressure to make Christmas perfect and to never let people down and you have to buy gifts for everyone you’ve ever met. No. Why buy gifts for people who don’t really know or barely see anyway

As I’ve gotten older my family has done Kris Krinkle so much easier, you buy one gift for another family member, I still buy gifts for my partner and my nephews.

Plan In Advance.

The few days after Christmas is usually the best time to buy. Stores are always putting their Christmas stock on clearance it’s a great time to grab yourself a bargain. Christmas Cards, Wrapping Paper, Christmas Decorations snap up those bargains and store them away till next Christmas.

Go Second Hand

Op-shops/second-hand stores, Ebay, Gumtree, or even Facebook Market Place. You never know what you can find second hand. Op-shops/second-hand stores are great place to buy gifts, Christmas Decorations, or other bric-a-brac but remember to do your research and plan.

Great Creavtive

If you are a creative person but you’re on a tight budget then give something else that means a lot more – your thought, time, and love!! Jams, Jewelry, Cookies, Candles, Mixed CD. The ideas are endless. Pinterest is a great site for inspo!

I hope those tips gave you some inspiration this Christmas. If you have any more tips or tricks be sure to comment below.