Today marks 5 years without my Mum, if you a reader of my blog you would of seen last years post on life without my mother.

To be honest, I really don’t know how to feel, no matter what I do I feel like it’s wrong. I can go on and live my day like normal people ask me why I am so happy, I am sad and miserable people ask me why and tell me to get over it. You know what, who gives a fuck what people think, you do you, if you wanna be sad about it, be sad, if you want to be happy and just reflect then you can do that to, no one can tell you how to feel.

I miss her a lot. I don’t think about her everyday, but I do miss her so much, there is a part of me that is empty, a part of me thats missing and that is the missing piece of my puzzle. It’s hard to put into words, if you have lost your mother, your father, or a sibling I guess you can somewhat relate to this post, but I have a friend who has lost their father, and I know what it’s like to lose a parent at a young age but I can’t relate to the fact that I’ve lost my father.

Today is a day to reflect, and think about the good times, I don’t like to think about the sad times. Be sure to check out my post from last year.