mind reset

2021 Mind Reset

I told myself that 2020 was going to be my year, what a joke that turned out to be. 2021 is now going to be my year, at the end of the year I’ll be having a massive milestone birthday (I’m low-key freaking out here) and also I just need to focus on my life, my mental health, and wellbeing.

I feel 2021 is going to be a good year for me I’m sending out positive vibes out into the universe.
This is what I plan to do this year

Digital Declutter

– I have so much stuff on my computer that’s not even organized it’s all over the place same with my phone, I feel like I can’t function. This month I’ll be doing a declutter and organising and deleting everything.

Space Declutter

– I feel like my life is a mess, I didn’t realise I had so much stuff. My boyfriend and I live in a small room that has so much stuff, so much stuff that I had to put things into storage. I’ve been watching a lot of Marie Kondo and The Minimalists
videos to get me motivated

Eat More Healthy

– I had a check-up at the doctors late last year and I was told that I had to cut out my sugar intake, I wasn’t aware of how much sugar I was consuming. Since then I’ve cut a lot of sugar out of my diet, I do still have a little bit but it’s mostly in fruits and low sugar kind of snacks because I didn’t realise how much sugar is out there and how some companies disguise the word sugar and make it into something that sounds fancy.
2021, I’m going to eat a lot more healthy and drink more water, I always feel that I drink enough but I don’t think I do.


– I do exercise, but like most people (I’m assuming) should do much more
Write More – whether it’s writing in a journal, or just blogging more, I just want to write and get my thoughts out there instead of keeping everything bottled up inside me. I had someone tell me that it helped them get a more clear mind and they felt refreshed after, they also suggested to get myself a habit journal to keep track of everything

Write more

– Whether it’s writing in a journal or writing in my blog, I just want to write, express how I’m feeling and not keep things bottled up inside.

That’s it, well that’s it for now. I hope to add more to the list as weeks and months go by. I’ll keep you posted on how everything goes.