Continuing on with my Christmas series the other day I posted my Christmas gift guide. Now I never want anyone to miss out and not everyone loves to have “stuff” or “junk” lying around the house collecting dust.
Over the years I’ve been a little more cautious about how much stuff I buy and only buy things I need, not because it looks pretty.

Alright, without further ado here for my clutter-free gift ideas.
When I say clutter-free, let me tell you what that means. To be “clutter-free,” a gift must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • A gift that isn’t physical
  • A consumable gift – it goes away eventually
  • A gift that fills a need
  • A gift that will be loved (if you love it, it’s not cluttering to you)

    1. Date Night: movie gift card, restaurant gift card, free babysitting services.
    This is perfect for the person in your life who wouldn’t normally spend this type of cash on themselves or who hasn’t had a night to themselves in a very long time.
    Restaurant Gift Card
    Movie Gift Card

    2. Petrol gift card: This is perfect for people who travel a lot whether it’s for work or leisure

    3. Museum/Zoo Passes: It’s a great gift for the whole family, going to a Museum or even going to the Zoo are so fun and can be very educational.
    Melbourne Zoo Pass
    Melbourne Museum

    4. Spotify Gift Cards: Perfect gift for someone who loves to stream their music online.

    5.Coupon Book: Now ideally this gift might not be for everyone, this would be fun to give to your boyfriend/girlfriend or even grandparents receiving gifts from their grandkids. Ideas could include, breakfast in bed, back rub, cooking dinner, doing their washing, helping in the garden, etc the list is endless
    Check out Pinterest for ideas.

    7. Audible Subscription: Perfect for someone who loves audiobooks and listening to them on the go.
    Audible Gift Card

    8. Homemade Baked Goods: Who doesn’t love cookies? Especially when they are homemade. It’s much cheaper and is made with love.

    9. Water Park/Amusement Park Season Passes: Summer is upon us, What a great gift! With season passes it doesn’t matter what day you go, And you can return as often as you like!
    Theme Parks

    10.Sporting/ Concert/Comedy Show Tickets: With things slowing going back to normal. Well I guess a “covid normal” and things are slowly opening up again. Why not treat someone to nice night out
    comics lounge

    11.iTunes Gift Cards: Similar to Spotify but this gift is perfect for someone who buys music, or even apps as well.

    12. Online Streaming Subscription: Give the gift of binge-watching! Check out the Gift Card option at Netflix. Plus there’s Disney+. If you live in Australia there’s also Stan as well.

    13. Digital Subscription to a Magazine So many to choose from from gossip, to interior design, cars, health, puzzles, kids, gardens
    Mag Shop

    14. Plants: They are pretty, low maintenance and they are perfect for indoors and outdoors.

    15. Alcohol : Ok so giving alcohol as a gift can be a little tricky. Alcohol can be quite personal so you’ll have to know the person very well and know what they like. I always find it best to do a little research first and buy local.

  • I hope you enjoy these clutter-free gift ideas. Comment below on what gifts you like the most. Or if have any gift ideas you would like to share.